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History & Historical Pictures
Lake Pennesseewassee was first used for recreational purposes in 1893 when the Bass Island Club was organized so local men could go there to swim, fish and socialize.  Soon thereafter, lots were surveyed and several cottages were built.  Since there were no roads leading to them, the property owners had to be conveyed back and forth to their camps and cottages by Edmund Ames in his homemade steamboat, named Pennesseewassee. If they needed groceries, they would hoist a flag and Ames would pull in, pick up the grocery lists, and later deliver the groceries. He also gave tours around the lake.

Source, Images of America, The Oxford Hills, Compiled by Diane and Jack Barnes. Arcadia Publishing, 1995

These postcards were purchased a few years ago at the Paris Hill Days and date from the late 1800's and early 1900's.

This card shows Edmund Ames' sidewheeler, the Pennesseewassee, which provided boat service around the lake from about 1907 to 1931. The boat landing was at the head of Main Street in Norway.

 It is postmarked Norway, ME, Apr 2,1908, addressed to Mrs. S. McAlister, North Chatham, NH and reads:

"That part of the lake shown on this card has not been frozen over this winter, your Mother says she'll write as soon as she gets time,

With Love from Dad"

The next four are different scenes from around the lake: